Current Music That I Enjoy

So I haven’t blogged in a while.  Shame on me I guess. Things just kind of got really hectic school. Honestly, it’s probably a sad excuse. I mean, how long has it been? a year? In a year I had time to go on Facebook and Twitter and Tumbler. So really, I guess I don’t have much of an excuse at all. Anyways,  I guess I will get to the point.  A long time ago, probably right before I started this blog, I looked online for a bunch of challenges for blogging and art and other types of writing as well. After I  had gathered a bunch of these creative challenges  I stored them in my computer and never really looked at them again. Upon sitting on my bed kind of bored I have remembered them for some reason or another, and decided that maybe I would give them a go.  This one is a rather popular blog challenge called “The 30 Day Blog Challenge”.  The site that I got it from claimed no copyright or anything, saying that it did not belong to them either. I have yet to find the originator of this blog challenge. So in that case, I will go on doing this blog challenge with out a credit.  My apologies.  I’ve decided that I’m going to do this blog challenge at my own rate.  I’m not going to stay on any kind of pace or schedule with it.  Basically, some days I might do two or three blogs, and other days I might not write anything at all.  I don’t really find it a big deal I am just  trying to get myself to start writing a little more.   I have been rather sloppy with both my art and my writing, unfortunately. I’ve been a bit of a creative slump and I am hoping the breakout. So without further introduction, here’s the start of this challenge.

The first blog that I’m supposed to write is about my favorite song. However, I find that a really silly and broad question.  Can anyone really have a favorite song?  I mean, perhaps it’s just me, but I go through a lot of phases and I tend to like more than one genre at a time.  So, instead of really talking about any favorite song I’m just going to talk about a few of the artists that I love right now. I mean over time this may change and there are some that have always been my favorite band or artist.  One case in point is avenged sevenfold.  They’ve been  my favorite band for years, so I really don’t see a point in including them in this blog.  Right now there are really five artists that I am into that I may have neglected to recognize in the past. So I thought I would talk about those for artists now.

The first artist that I have been a little obsessed with since December is Regina Spektor.  I don’t really know what came over me but this one night I was sitting on my bed and started singing “Fidelity”.  At one point my life, I didn’t appreciate this song so much. I actually disliked it. However, when I started singing it. Something came over me that was begging me to listen to it.  So I walked over to my laptop and went to YouTube and typed in “Fidelity”.  For the first time in ever i started to actually listen to the words, not the annoying chorus.  The more I listen to the song, the more I realized how much I identified with it.  I felt silly for  not liking the song and before I knew it I was listening all of her music.  I have to say that I feel her best album was “Begin to Hope”.  I’ve been contemplating purchasing her first album because lately I’ve really been obsessed with the song “The Calculation”.  I did was knew a few of her songs from “Soviet Kitsch”. However, I am not a big fan of that album.  There’s just something different about it.  I like Regina because of her uniqueness with lyrics. Everything is very childlike but at the same time very true.  Her lyrics are cute and sometimes ridiculous, and a good way.  There were two songs that I did like from “Soviet Kitsch” which were “Sailor Song” and “Poor Little Rich Boy”.  I felt that that was the most familiar stuff on the album.  Generally, I’m not one to want the same album produced each time. However, I just felt that “Soviet Kitsch” wasn’t as playful as the other two.  Either way I think that Spektor is a very amazing and talented singer and songwriter.  She’s the number one artists I am obsessing with right now and I would recommend her to pretty much anyone between the ages of 20 and 40.

The second person that I really like right now is Gin Wigmore.  She did a lot of commercials lately and she’s gonna be on 2013 Warped Tour.  She has a very retro style very 20s jazz.  Her vocals are very unique.  They’re kind of gritty and raspy, I think that’s the word.  I find her music be more mysterious than Regina’s.  The thing about her music is that even though there is a very prominent flavor of 20s jazz, you can hear other genres inside of each song.  For instance, in the song, “I do”, there’s a hint of Rasta. Everything that Gin does really is different and I feel that for the most part her music is for of music lover that is into things that aren’t mainstream or in the norm.  Her most popular hits probably “Man Like That”, which was on a Heineken commercial.  And I do also believe that “Don’t Stop” was on a commercial as well, but I’m not sure which kind of commercial that one was used for.

I’m probably really late… But actually I’ve been really into Minnie Driver’s CDs.  I’m a very big fanatic of Phantom of the Opera and she played La Carlotta, a very snobby soprano diva.  The character wasn’t supposed to be likable and actually you were supposed to dislike her.  She plays the main characters rivalry and she acts like a high school-er.  But any effect. Let’s talk about the music.  She’s not opera singer nor did she tend to sing at the high octaves. she actually sings at a more alto tone.  her songs are pretty and poppy with a little country flair.I really enjoy “My Beloved” and “Invisible Girl”, but my favorite song is definitely “Complicated Man”.  If you believe that that song was an addition to the album if you bought the whole thing on iTunes. I don’t really know what you would characterize her as, possibly adult alternative.  But her songs are very beautiful and they flow like liquid. Honestly, if you want to relax or be inspired I would recommend Driver.

Ingrid Michelson is been really big on my list lately too. by means of lyrics she’s kind of close to Regina Spektor. Her lyrics are very simplistic and childlike, the difference is Michelson’s lyrics are very straightforward about what’s going on in the song where Spektor’s tends to be a little more poetic and possibly sometimes not even make sense.  Michelson has a very clear and sweet voice compared to Spektor’s.  She also has been a very popular musician for commercials lately. I know for a fact that I’ve heard “Be Ok” on television before, but I’m pretty sure there’s more.  maybe her lyrics are a little cliché, but for some reason I find them charming and enchanting.

I have a love-hate relationship with Adele.  I never really listened to any of her music. When she came out and I didn’t mind her music, but it wasn’t my type of music.  It started at once Christmas started when I had an iTunes card.  I accidentally bought her album by clicking the wrong button. You can guess this time I was  less than pleased, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. It’s online. It’s not like I can just demand a refund. So, I decided to make the best of it and listen to the album and possibly force myself to like it. The album actually wasn’t all that bad and eventually I  actually started liking some of the songs.  I never bought her other stuff, although I have formed some kind of addiction with “Someone Like You”, but my best friend gives me crap about it all the time.  So, personally I’m not quite sure where  Adele  and I stand. Do I love heard or do I hate her? I’m not even sure; however I might never find out.  But if feeling moody and or independent or all-out calm Adele is definitely something that’s good to listen to.

All these musicians are very different in many different ways and I use them at different times. When I’m feeling creative, generally I listen to Regina Spektor.  If I’m feeling loved I listen to Ingrid Michelson.  If I’m sad and it’s raining I probably listen to Adele. I enjoy listen to Gin Wigmore when I am on a very long bus ride out of the city… Every weekend.  And for  Minnie Driver, I have to be in the mood. It these musicians a lot lately and I just formed a connection with them, that I never would’ve  formed in high school. In high school is all about rock and metal.  I had no space for other genres, at least not tell people about.

Either way I hope that this blog wasn’t too crappy. As I said this is my first blog in a very long time and I really need to start blogging again.  If you have time, you should look up these artists.  If they are not for you I’m sure I could probably find a bunch of other musicians that you would like. Pardon my language, but I’m quite the genre whore. On that note, I think I’ll wrap up this blog.

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It All Started With A Technical Problem

When my ex left me I almost instantly got tons of different guys that were my friends for years.  I had a love triangle going on fast.  One was a year younger, one my age and one 4 years older.  It was becoming quite unbearable and honestly I was losing interest in them all fast for various reasons.  Two of them seemed a bit unstable and the other had no time for me in his life.  And there were other complications with the busy one, so in the end I decided to let it all go.  I talked to them all less and kept a distance for all of our benefits. 

But that was only some of the guys and I was beginning to wipe out.  And no, I’m not saying I was being flocked by men I didn’t know, Im a tomboy though and have a shit ton of guy friends.  Anyway.  Ricky is a computer geek so went my computer crashed by the end of October I begged for assistance, in which he obliged.  I had known him for years and looked up to him.  He picked me up and I went to his place where I handed him my computer to work on.  He worked on it on and off for hours!  He would look at  me periodically and smile and I would smile back. At some point I found myself scooting closer to Ricky and though it was partly because I was curious about my computer, most of it was because I longed to be close to Ricky.  At some point he began to notice this.  I explained to him that since I was in college I really needed this computer so he rubbed my back and then pulled me in closer for a moment before he let go.  I told myself that it was a friendly gesture and nothing else.  He did it again and hour and a half later and I so dearly wanted to believe that it meant more than just a friendly squeeze, but I feared I was reading into it too much and let go. 

We were lying on his bed watching youtube videos when he rested his hand on my stomach.  I closed my eyes and let them return to the video for a while out of fear… but he did not move his hand for the longest time.  I let my eyes meet his gaze and know then he wanted something more than friendship.  I could also tell he was nervous at this attempt to woo me.  That was all I needed.  I closed the distance between us and rested my head on his shoulder and my arm around his waist.  We both were lonely and sad… We both wanted a long term relationship, a serious one.  I had cared for him for a long time now, and I knew that telling him how I really felt could drive him away.  So I kept all of that inside.

The computer was finally fixed but it was late. So I stayed at his home, But we didn’t do anything that night… I am not that type of girl.  We just laid in the dark and talked. 

the next week was when things got emotional.  He was contemplated going back to his ex, And then i new I had to tell him…

and that was the night, we became what we were…  what we are.

Sketching Project

So, sometimes I look at art or read other peoples art prompts/projects and the creativity just flows out of my head.  It is crazy how many light bulbs go off!  Today is one of those days.   I am not saying that I will have the time to blog all of my ideas, BUT I will not lose them.  I keep an idea book and I write down ANYTHING that comes to mind.  It truely keeps a load off me.  My mind is pretty much constantly in action and if I did not write them down half of my good ideas would decend down the drain.  This is one that just popped up in my head as I was drifting to sleep last night.

As a kid I used to scrapbook. I really don’t anymore, it seems that I may have just lost an intrest in it. But I was staring at these empty photo albums and boom!  Last night a muse hit me in the head with a mallet… like they always do.  They never whisper a small idea in my ear in hopes to spark a huge idea, they just take a huge idea and wack me in the head with it.

I have never done any type of tutorial or DIY, so this just sort of occured.  So hang with me… If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment.  I doubt you will, this should be pretty straight forward.


Photo album (The size is really not an issue.  When you get the album make sure it is one with little sectional pockets that you can just slide the photos into.

Paper/white note cards



Colored pencil (Optional)

Your favorite photos


Step 1:  Find a photo you really adore and set it in front of you.

Step 2: Cut the paper to match the size of that photo.

Step 3: Draw that picture onto the blank paper as close as you can to matching. (don’t worry, not everything is perfect.  This sketching project is more to show you how you are advancing with each photo you redraw).

Step 4: Slide the photo into the left side and your duplicate into the left.  It should look like it mirrors the orig. for purposes such as comparison and what not.  Attempt to fill the WHOLE album.

See, very easy directions, huh?  Short, simple and to the point.  You want to try it? Be my guest! You are allowed to tweak and make it your own. Go ahead and make more ideas out of mine 🙂  There is only one rule and that is to make it fun!  I would love to see you outcomes!

Pretty Big Waste Of My Time

So, Im not saying names, or at least real names because I really do not want to start anything.  I guess that I really just need to vent my inner thoughts. 

I usd to have this friend, lets call her Jordan.  Jordan and I became friends when I first moved up here and we had alot of things in common.  We both enjoyed the same types of movies and music.  Her bedroom was BMF decked out with horror decor and what not.  I used to hang out ith her alot, but it got harder and hard the farther that I moved away.  She had a bunch of true friends that often cam over while I was over so I got to know them myself.  Jordan and I got along real well.  She was hard core, tough and wore dark clothes, like I did.  It was part of us.  I remember she got pissed off at me once for wearing pink, but I was trying to open my mind and grow up.

Well, I don’t think that I have seen her in a year or so.  Whenever I call to talk or to ask if we can hang out she pretends to lose me call and if I call her back after a few rings she sends me to voice mail.  After a while I started to ask myself what the point was to even keep trying if all she was going to do was hang up on me everytime I wanted to try and make something work. 

She’s my friend on facebook, not that she ever talks to me on there even if I do try… but anyway, I have been watching her posts and she has become a totally different person.  Not even remotely the same girl that I once knew.  She is fake.  She took down her awesome room, dresses girly, but not just like normal girly, fake girly. Like shit tons of make up, show as much skin as possible change my hair color every month fake.  She always posts about smoking and what not, which she never did before. All the true friends she had seem to be gone now.  She has these friends that seem pixelated.  I don’t even know anymore.  I can’t stop her from changing and I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but it bothers me… But I know that all I can do is sit back and let go.  I wish I could help, but it wouldn;t help… besides the last thing that I need is another “lost” phone call.


So, I know that I need to write in this more and I neglect to do so often.  I decided to search the web for some writting challenges.  The first part of it was to sorta write an introduction page, or a biography.  I don’t really know why anyone would really care but, here goes nothing…

My name is Sasha and I am an aspiring author.  I am also very much into the arts.  I try to get invloved in any form of arts that I can.  I love to draw mainly, but I also do acrylic painting.  I am horrible at ceramics and it does not matter to me in all honesty, because I do not like dealing with clay.  I know it is silly for someone who really wishes to write for a living, but I am terrible at spelling.

Music is dear to me.  I love a variety of music; classical, opera, counrty, and all rock ranging from metal to emo to alternative.  I just picked up a guitar in January of this year, and I love playing.  I really hope to be able to play the violin one day.  I think that string instruments  make the most beautiful sounds.

I am very intersting in the world of ink.  Tattoos are very intreuging and to me adds a bunch of personality to a person.  I know that many people think that ink is stupid, and I can understand why, but I adore it.  Maybe it is just the aritst inside me.  I do not believe that it should be a big deal to people, but that’s my opinion.

I was raised a countryu girl, but I am all city.

I have a soft spot for animals.

I am very much obsessed the Phantom of the Opera.  I love his whole mystic.  I always loved the horror genre and Phantom brought it in arms with love.

I hate sports, although I do enjoy hockey to a large extent. I’m not good at team sports, but floor hockey is a different story.

I’m not very good at describing myself so, im going to stop there.  Sorry, I feel so automated right now. 🙂  Hopfully I do more tomorrow.

3 Ways to Study

Sometimes studying can be a bore.  Nobody really wants to stuy on a daily basis when you have so many other things you could be doing.  If you are a kid in college or highschool you would probally rather be outside with your friends, playing video games, searching the web or even rather stare at the ceiling.  I know half of the time I would!  I don’t even have the time to keep up with my blog challenge I’m so up to my head with things that need to be done, that rarely ever even get done.  For instance I know I should be finishing my math right now… but if it counts for anything I am taking a break to let the psychology that I just studied sink in.  It takes a while for your brain to remember things so it is best that you study for short amounts at a time.

So, even though studying sucks there are some better ways to do it.  These are just a few that work for me:

1.  There is always the general technique of reading over your notes twice a day.  Sometimes the original ways of doing things are best.  And if you are a fast reader you can be done fast, right?  No, not that simple.  You need to read it and make sure you understand it first.  If you remember what you are about to read before you read it then you are probally in good hands.

2.  Some people find it best to study off of note cards.  It makes sense to me since you have to force yourself to remember the answers.  But sometimes you may be short on notecards or maybe you don’t like that all of your cards get lost.  In that case then you may like the method that I use better.  I grew up calling it a key.  It is a method I learned in middle school in Virginia.  You take a piece of loose leaf paper and fold it the hot dog way to the magin line.  Then you write the vocab or question on the outside flap leaving two lines of space in between.  You then cut along the lines under each question.  Lift each flap and write down the answer. It is like a note card method, but it keeps the chapter together.  I find it to be of great help.

3.  Another way that I tend to study is I take out a blank piece of paper and I write out all the information that I know.  First I will reference my notes to see what sub chapters I will have in each chapter.  Then I will write everything that I know about that sub chapter.  For instance, if one sub chapter is Vikings I will write down everything that I know about Bikings off that top of my head and then read over my notes to see if I missed anything important,  This helps you realize how much you actually know about  a subject to see if you need to study it more.

4.  Redo homework if you can.  This works for math.  I used to never know how to study for math because it was a hard subject for me, but sometimes the best way to learn is to do the homework over and over untill you get it right.

5.  Lastly, I also like to use this method, too.  Take out a sheet of blank paper… lineless… and draw an image to important things in your notes.  This way you get a mental image of what you are trying to remember and if you are a visual learner this may be your best way.

I hope that this helped you if you were stuggling at all and if you have any ways that you like to study, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

My veiws on Alcohol

Growing up with an alcoholic mother can change your veiws on the substance real quick!  For the longest time growing up I rarley saw my mother sober.  When I was younger this never was much of an issue because I just did whatever my mother said and never looked at anything she did as wrong.  A child loves their parents unconditionally.

As a child I grew up in Virginia.  My mom actually worked then and so I saw her after school and such.  During the summer I usually went to my aunts farm to escape the part of town I came from.  There was nobody to play with where I lived so I wanted to be around the horses.  As I got older though I did not go to the farm as much and I quickly learned that at home I was alone and had a bit more freedom than I did on the farm.

Once we movd back to Milwaukee was when my mother began drinking way more than she ever did.  I never saw my mom without a beer can in her hand.  She drank the moment she woke up all through the day.  At the time I was a teenager which made matters worse.  She was trying ti control all the wrong things instead of all the right things.  Like what music I listened to or the way I wore my make-up.  By the time I was a freshman things had gotten worse.  I had no friends at the tim so I seeked comfort in other people’s houses.  I thought these people were my friend… now I know I was wrong.  They were older women and very familiar with the postion I was in.  I told them everything and in return they told everything back to my mother.  Making things way wore.

My mother and I eventually started to get physical.  I hated her for a time… and then I hated her for making me hate her.

At the begining of this year, four years later, my mom had a serizure and had to go to the hospital.  I was left at home to deal, they kept her for two weeks before she was finally released.  She is better now.  Sh eats normally and she hasn’t drank since.  Our relationship is better than it ever was.

The point of me saying this was to share my thoughts on alcohol.  I am not a huge fan.  For alot of people, beer is a way to have fun with there friends… for me it is a reminder of everything that went wong in my life. I’d rather not take the path that threatens.